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cherry_post_bgAnimals and Batman and polka dot dresses, cake with my cuppas and handwritten letters,

Stand up comedians and love-heart shaped things, these are a few of my favourite things.



Hello! *waves*

My name’s Becky, which you probably already knew, and I’m an alternative wedding photographer from Liverpool currently living in a small town in Derbyshire called Belper with my boyfriend and our two little bunnies, Daisy and Buttercup.   I’ve always been creative and originally intended on pursuing a career as an artist/illustrator, but the opportunity came up to photograph a friend’s wedding and I’ve never looked back. I do still do plenty of doodling and take odd illustration commission here and there. (If you’re interested in my illustration work click here for a little nosey!)
I’ve always loved to take photos ever since I got my first polaroid camera in the 90s, but having had my heart set on another career path, but also not *really* knowing where I fit, I didn’t really think about the possibility of being a professional photographer. But now I’m here, it’s awesome! I know now that I was meant for this profession and it was meant for me.
I hadn’t realised how creative photography can be, how much heart can go into it, just with any drawing or painting, a photograph can encompass so much more than what initially meets the eye, and that’s what I love. I’ve travelled up and down the country shooting wonderfully unique weddings, though I have also worked with models, burlesque performers, comedians, and musicians providing them with promotional and live shots.


My Style

I am not a formal photographer, I won’t boss you about or dictate how things need to go, and I specialise in shooting weddings for couples that want to do things that little bit differently. I’m not a photographer that would choose to take endless posed shots, I prefer to capture the natural moments of your day as they happen and tell it as a story from start to finish. I see the beauty in and enjoy capturing the little things, moments in time that need to be saved, emotions shown on faces and smiles shared. It’s looking back through shots such as these that really put you back in that time and place to me and convey personalities, not the images created when you’re made aware of the photographers presence. I’m a naturally introverted person so a documentary style of photography is right up my street. As a result my style of photography is informal, unobtrusive, fun, romantic, natural, and creative, and with a limited amount of set shots/posed group images.

ABOUT YOU testimonial

I love working with my awesome couples and I aim for that to come across in my work. I want to capture them just as they are with their natural spirit and emotion showing through. You’re wonderful, why wouldn’t you want to have your photographer just capture you quirks and all? I see the beauty in the ordinary, and enjoy capturing the little things that may be forgotten but are still a part of the day and can take you back to that place.  My couples tend to be creative, open minded, fun loving, quirky and colourful people that are playing a non-traditional wedding day and are looking for a photographer to fit that feel for their day.
Long after your wedding day has passed, I want you to be able to look back through your photographs and be put right back in that place, getting those pre-ceremony flutters,  the amazing smell of the cake, that feeling when you first made eye contact with your future husband/bride, and even seeing the moments caught that you may not have even known were going on on the day, they’ll be there too.


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becky ryan photography




becky ryan photography

Becky Facts

– I’m a massive animal lover and have had all sorts as pets since I was a kid…dogs, cats, a mouse, a rat, a gerbil, guinea pigs, rabbits, a budgie, frogs, fish… (if you’re a fellow animal lover we’ll get on! If you happen to be pro-bloodsports we may not match so well!

– I love to dance! That kinda dancing where you can just completely let go and not care about anyone else watching. Which I don’t get to do much any more but I love it when I can! Especially to a bit of 70s or 80s awesomeness like Don’t Stop Believin’ or Baby Jane. I’m currently learning salsa and have done a bit of belly dance and burlesque previously.

– I love the style of the 1940s and 1950s

– I never liked Barbie, I was more of a Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kinda gal… I remember praying to marry Batman when I was really young

– Despite the multi-coloured hair I’m very much an introvert!


Some stuff I’m fond of/more things that make me ‘me’…

My camera / drawing / music / sitting down with some tea and biscuits/ cake (blackforest gateau or chocolate fudge cake please!) / animals / music / old postcards and vintage photographs / cabaret shows / going to see stand-up comedy /Kermit the frog / red lipstick / Batman / polka dot dresses / blossom / exploring Derbyshire with my boyfriend / cute little cottages with flowers climbing up the walls  / the colour duck-egg / books by Danny Wallace / fish and chips / handwritten letters / Hugh Jackman/Michael Fassbender/ heart shaped things / travelling / record hunting in local charity shops

TV – Friends, Red Dwarf, The Mighty Boosh, First Dates, Flight of the Conchords, Dexter, American Horror Story, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Louis Theroux, Sex and the City

Films – Bridget Jones’s Diary, Some Like it Hot, When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, Pretty in Pink


Our bunnies

Daisy and Buttercup

Home Made Victoria Sponge Cake!

Home made Victoria Sponge Cake!

Batman on my desk

Batman on my desk

Teapot biscuits

Biscuits made by a friend



So that’s a bit about me, if you think we’d match well for your wedding, fab! Now it’s your turn, pop on over to the Contact page and tell me about you!


(Portraits of me and my bunny on this page were taken by Camera Hannah!)

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