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Portraits and Headshots



From talented upcoming singer/songwriters to stars of television, I’ve loved each opportunity of working with fellow creatives that required new professional portraits to represent themselves on marketing materials, social media, or for their agent.


I also regularly work with performers on the cabaret and pin up scene, specialising in glamorous colourful images encompassing that authentic retro feel setting the mood of a vintage era.

If you are in need of new images to represent yourself/your brand please get in touch to discuss, I’d love to help! I’ve been shooting portraits for many years now and love to discuss creative ideas with my clients to help them get the most from their session!

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Remote Portrait Photography Virtual Shoots


During lockdown I always branched out into doing virtual shoots, capturing portraits remotely! Please see below for more information…


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“Oh WOW I love them so much! Amazing work! Thank you so much for the experience”
“Amazing! Thank you! Wow, just wow. Love them. Thanks for my little escapism in the middle of my work day.”
“Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve piled on the weight having been poorly for the last 12 months. These make me feel better about myself. Thankyou you are amazing. ❤️❤️❤️ Love them all. I can’t wait to book with you again!”
“I’m so pleased thank you thank you thank you gosh, my face hurts. Beaming! Did I mention you’re a wizard?”
“Thank you Becky! It was super fun this morning and I really appreciate the extra time you took with me.The more I look at the photos the more I adore them – especially the ones with the kit and the wall. I just showed some to my Mum who loved them and was gobsmacked. So just another thank you from me for making me feel lovely x”


What is a remote portrait session or virtual shoot?

It’s basically as it sounds, it’s a shoot done remotely, far apart, and virtually, so through technology, using my laptop and the client’s phone!  So you can be anywhere in the country (or world! I’ve already done shoots in America, Sweden, and Prague!) and we can have a shoot! You don’t need to be a model, it’s just about having a bit of fun, having an excuse to get dressed up, and getting creative with some cool portraits in your home!

You will download a (free) app that allows me to use your phone’s camera for the duration of the session, this works on both Android and iPhones.  I can ‘take pictures’ through the camera and adjust exposure but will direct you where to place and how to adjust the position of the phone to form the composition for each set of shots!  I then receive all the images taken during our 30 minute session via the app to choose which to edit and send back to you!  All we need is an internet connection and some nice natural light!  Always nice to have an excuse to get dressed up eh?!

I currently charge £65 for a 30 minute session and you will receive at least 15 final edited images!



“Having a virtual shoot was a bit unusual and at first I wondered how it was going to work! But Becky had some brilliant ideas and solutions to challenges with the space. It was brilliant that you could also see the pictures very quickly as a model. It was such great fun!”

“OMG!!!! I LOVE them!! The lighting is epic!!”

“I LOOVE them. I loved it! Thank you!”


Sounds fun! How do I book?

Just pop me a message via the contact form or through my Facebook page or Instagram and I will get back to you with the dates and times I currently have available!


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