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2015 / My Highlights in Photography

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

So it’s that time again already, this year’s gone so fast! I’ve put together my end of year post of just a few of my favourite images from 2015. Although it’s a bit of a mammoth task for us photographers to go through so many photos and try and whittle it down to our favourites I’ve really enjoyed looking back through them all again, my face was hurting last night from smiling so much looking at so many happy faces looking out at me. It’s quite a lovely task really to be able to revisit all the people and places that made 2015 what it was for Becky Ryan Photography, and I’m so thankful to each and every one of my couples that played a part in it, you’re all awesome and I have so many lovely memories from each one of your days. Doing these posts reminds me how lucky I am to have such epically awesome/fun/quirky/funny/sweet and super lovely couples choose me to play a part in such a special day. My 2015 weddings once again took me all over the country, with several visits back to my home town of Liverpool which is always lovely and to new venues in beautiful Dorset and Oxfordshire along with plenty nearer to home. Then on my birthday I got to shoot Nick Helm, which was pretty fab. On a personal note we finally got our own place, yay! And I’m pretty excited about having our first Christmas in our own home. So it’s been a busy but pretty great year! Thanks so much for being a part of it and following my work <3 Much love! Becky xoxo P.S See you soon 2016 brides and grooms to be!! I can’t wait!

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2346PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2342PINIMAGE

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE



Having looked through portfolios of several local photographers, we booked Becky due to a) the quality of her work as demonstrated on her site (natural-looking, beautiful reportage-type shots), b) the sense we got of her laid-back, creative and fun personality, and c) the flexibility and value for money offered re. packages.
Ms Natalie Atkinson

beckyryanphotography_2328PINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

I booked Becky because I loved her previous work and I knew she would be able to achieve the finished look that I wanted for the photos of our wedding day. Her soft style and ability to capture the intimacy between all her subjects without being intrusive appealed to us.
Mrs Rachel Downes


Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

Becky was amazing throughout the day. I had family come all the way from Hong Kong for our wedding so there was a large language barrier with half of the guests. Becky was patient throughout the whole day even when guests kept walking off during the specific photos I had asked Becky to capture but she was great. There wasn’t a single guest who Becky didn’t capture so I have memories with everybody from our day and the speed at which Becky worked to get me a sample before my honeymoon was amazing
Mrs Alison Hawkins


It was really important as a second time bride to dispense with the traditional line up photos and capture the day and atmosphere in a less formal way. Becky’ s photos are a constant reminder of the fun we had and the genuine expressions we had on our faces on the day. She also took some amazing photos involving our beloved puppy which everyone comments on when they see. She’s quirky, arty and above all easy and natural to deal with, no stress just genuine concern that she captures the best
Mrs Vicky Watson

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

Becky is the most amazing photographer and lovely person to have at a wedding. She put us at ease, never intrusive, made us laugh and captured the most perfect and intimate moments of our day. Our guests loved her too! The quality of the shots Becky took are just fabulous from the composition to lighting and just what we were after. She was great at communicating after our wedding too and the quality of the albums we had are outstanding! Best wedding photographer for sure!
Mrs Sarah Sanders


Absolutely amazing photographer and captured the special moments of our day perfectly
Mrs Sophie Khatib

beckyryanphotography_2337PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2332PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2330PINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

Becky did everything to make sure she captured our day in a special and unique way. We really have all the emotion within her photographs. She went above and beyond to make sure we had all we wanted. She is a very kind and patient person who made everyone feel at ease.we had lots of guests comment on how lovely she was! Becky also made a short video of the day which is stunning and has made us both so happy to know we have that and our wonderful photos to look upon for years to come.
Dr Alexis Clarke


We were nervous about being photographed but upon meeting Becky for our pre-wedding shoot, she instantly put us at ease. After the ceremony she was faced with a throng of family members and a imcompetent groom trying to herd them into some kind of formation, she was calm and helped my other half poke everyone into place with a smile. Becky had our full confidence and at the end of the day she was fantastic photographer and a welcomed guest Professional and the final images are excellent.
Mrs Rachel Downes

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2388PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2358PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2338PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2334PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2324PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2371PINIMAGE

Becky was hands down the perfect photographer for our wedding. She really managed to capture the whole essence of the day and created unique shots which were totally different to any other images I’ve seen from our wedding venue. She was someone who we could 100% trust on the day to know exactly what we wanted. The photos were a perfect mix of arty/quirky shots and key points throughout the day – nothing looks staged or posed and everyone felt at ease. Plus – she’s such a lovely person!
Mrs Rachel Pitson


We were extremely happy with the photography of our wedding. Becky spent time with us discussing how the wedding would be styled and what we wanted from our photos. She really understood where we were coming from & couldn’t have provided a better service. She was not intrusive but also managed to coordinate us and family members/friends to get the shots that we wanted without wasting time. I would happily recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer
Mrs Lucy Golder

beckyryanphotography_2387PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2333PINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

I loved her style of photography. Her online portfolio was beautiful, the colours really striking and the couples all looked very comfortable and natural. It was exactly what I want and after meeting Becky for a pretty wedding shoot I knew I had made the right decision. She was so lovely, made us feel very comfortable and the photos were fantastic.
Mrs Katie Faulkner

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2360PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2335PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2322PINIMAGE

I couldn’t have wished for a better photographer than Becky for our wedding day. I am so happy with the photos that I want to blow up every single one of them to display all over our home. Becky was brilliant throughout, friendly, patient and more than anything she made us laugh and kept me relaxed throughout.
Mrs Alison Hawkins (Man)

beckyryanphotography_2351PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2340PINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2323PINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

Within minutes of first chatting with Becky you can see how much effort she put in to figuring out your individual needs and the style of your wedding. She has a passion for capturing heart felt images that shines through in her end product. We couldn’t be happier with our gorgeous photos.
Mrs Jennifer Beamand


Becky filled us with confidence from the first browse of her portfolio, through the initial meeting (in a lovely pub in Belper!) and of course on the day itself, where she made the semi posed photos section of the day a real treat, and blended well with the guests for some great candids / reportage style shots too. She proved to be open to ideas, accommodating, a good listener, and we’re delighted with the results – you can tell we enjoyed doing the shots! I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.
Ms Natalie Atkinson

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

Her portfolio reflected her style and we liked the way she worked with clients to ensure they got the photos of their wedding day that they were looking for. While all the albums and weddings were a bit different, she was obviously keen to work with each couple to capture the unique elements and as previously mentioned, to do above and beyond the traditional posed wedding photos.
Mrs Helen Pope

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2341PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2392PINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

Becky was lovely to work with and understood that we didn’t want the traditional posed pictures for our wedding so her unique style married well with the sort of photos we wanted to get out of our day. We got lots of options including the posed family snaps as well as the fun and quirky ones we were looking for.
Mrs Helen Pope

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2347PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2383PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2362PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2377PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2378PINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2359PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2357PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2336PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2365PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2384PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2394PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2395PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2331PINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2372PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2326PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2397PINIMAGE

Becky stood out online as a fun, alternative wedding photographer, who we thought would really fit in with our style of wedding… And upon meeting her, we knew she was the one for us. Right from the initial enquiry to the super cute presentation box with our images, Becky was so helpful and professional.
Mrs Rachel Pitson (Lawrence)

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGE

Her commitment and thoughtfulness to making the photography right for us was evident from the start I how she communicates! I also immediately liked her friendly professionalism.
Dr Alexis Clarke

Becky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2381PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2386PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2396PINIMAGE


Thank you so much again to all my brides and grooms of 2015, it’s been an absolute pleasure!


Nick HelmPINIMAGENick HelmPINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2343PINIMAGEBecky Ryan PhotographyPINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2389PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2391PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2325PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2349PINIMAGEbeckyryanphotography_2348PINIMAGE

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