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And so another busy year comes to an end, where did it go!? I feel like I was writing by 2016 end of year post only a couple of weeks ago…

Once again my weddings took me up and down the country and I got to share some wonderful, crazy, funny, and emotional days with my awesome couples.  Putting wedding photos together for this post one word kept coming to me looking at the shots I was choosing and it was ‘real’.  I love that my couples allow me to capture such real moments.  I know that sounds cheesy but I just love capturing this ‘real’ stuff!  Real hugs, real looks of love between newlyweds, real laughter, real happiness, real emotion.  They always make for my personal favourite photographs when it comes to an end of year blog.  It makes my face hurt from smiling every year when looking back through them all and seeing so much happiness!

So as always, thank you to everyone that made my year as a business a lovely one!

Alongside my weddings we also held another Starlet Suite makeover shoot day, I photographed a bunch of burlesque beauties performing at a new show in London, and I shot a couples session in Las Vegas!  One of my highlights however has to be shooting the portraits of the stars of one of my all time favourite tv series, Red Dwarf.

2017 you were pretty awesome looking back, 2018 you’ve got a lot to live up to! I’m excited to see what you bring…

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Carrie-Anne and Dom were married in this awesome little vintage cinema, The Electric, in Birmingham. A wedding in a cinema has always been on my wishlist to shoot, so I was sooo excited when their enquiry appeared in my inbox! (More weddings in cinemas please universe!

Carrie-Anne is a wonderful singer and Dom, although professionally working as a chef, is a very talented guitarist so the two produced a super cute intro film for their family and friends to show before the ceremony of them performing a few songs together. It was intertwined with some obligatory selfies through the years and Snapchat silliness!
After their ceremony they kept their wedding informal and relaxed by heading to the nearby Cherry Red’s for their non-traditional reception for drinks and sausage cobs and chips! They didn’t want their wedding day to feel traditional or stuffy, as as you can see they’re not ‘traditional or stuffy’ people! In her original enquiry Carrie-Anne described wanting the day to just feel like a happy gathering of their loved ones, and I think that’s just what it was.


Carrie-Anne and Dom / Electric Cinema Birmingham Wedding from Becky Ryan on Vimeo.

electric cinema birmingham weddingPINIMAGEelectric cinema birmingham weddingPINIMAGEelectric cinema birmingham weddingPINIMAGEelectric cinema birmingham weddingPINIMAGEelectric cinema birmingham weddingPINIMAGEelectric cinema birmingham weddingPINIMAGEelectric cinema birmingham weddingPINIMAGEelectric cinema birmingham weddingPINIMAGEelectric cinema birmingham weddingPINIMAGE

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It was great to work with local musician Ajay Henry last year on his portrait shoot session.  Ajay had got in touch with me wanting to invest in a promo shoot for images to use across his social media and to supply gig promoters with for flyers etc.

We met up and discussed the style of images and location that he has in mind to suit him as a musician then set about to find and hire an appropriate space for the session.

As a performer having professional images to put out there plays a big part in showing that you are serious about what you do and it’s always great to work with fellow creatives so if you’re a musician or performer thinking about an investment in new photographs then drop me a message and let’s discuss ideas!

Ajay Henry Becky Ryan Photography DerbyPINIMAGEAjay Henry Becky Ryan Photography DerbyPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEAjay Henry Becky Ryan Photography DerbyPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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In October photographer bud Lisa and I decided we deserved a mini break.  We chose Llandudno on the coast of North Wales for it’s nostalgia factor.  We wanted to pop over to the coast and another requirement was a pier. Living in Liverpool North Wales was a regular weekend day out hot spot and I’d been to Llandudno a few times growing up with my parents/grandparents.

We stopped in a proper old school hotel right on the sea front and our room turned out to even have a sea view which was rather lovely of a morning! Plus it meant we got visited by a certain seagull friend a couple of days in a row, who we may have shared some pizza with…we named him Trevor.


A sunny first full day


Ticket windfall in the arcades


Second day weather, windy!


Hotel sports…













We spent a fair few 2ps in the arcades, ate fish and chips, obviously, played bingo in our hotel in the evening (I told you it was old school) and played about with a bit of street photography in the day to try capture a bit of Llandudno’s spirit.  We mae several trips down the pier too, I just love piers. They’re just a bit timeless and lovely! Even the shops selling random tack have their own bit of charm haha. But mostly I just love the quietness on them of an evening, especially this time of year, lit up with the little lights back on the coast twinkling away against the sea.  Takes you back to another era a bit but also just generally away from all the hustle and bustle of general life. It’s all quiet and still and lovely.

On our last full day we hung around in the hotel bar area for a bit getting creative, sketching some of the other guests, and writing some quick little poems.  We also discovered that we’re really not great at snooker…but slightly less rubbish at table tennis.  Mini breaks are important I think, especially when you’ve had a lot of work on! But I think they can also help inspire some new forms of creativity. In England I always think the coast is always the place to go, living so far in-land now I do miss it…

I didn’t take my camera out with me all the time, I kinda wanted it to be an actual break, to take in my surroundings rather than always being behind a camera. I did however take it out a few times though, as it just would have been a shame not to! So here they are, I hope you enjoy getting a peek into our little trip…



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