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So I shot comedian Nick Helm recently whilst he was up North in Leeds performing a one off gig. This also happened to be on my birthday and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to be spending it, I highly recommend checking Nick out if you ever get the chance! Absolutely lovely person too. Here are a bunch of live shots of the gig itself along with a few portraits taken of Nick before the show.2015-05-25_0031.jpgPINIMAGE

Nick Helm becky ryan photographyPINIMAGE
Nick Helm becky ryan photographyPINIMAGE
Nick Helm becky ryan photographyPINIMAGE

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In May I had a portrait shoot with local talented musician and all round lovely lady Robyn Hughes Jones. She hadn’t had any images taken for promo bits and bobs for a good while so we decided to fix it with these images that were taken around the little town that I live in in Derbyshire.

We even had some company on the bandstand when a pair of ducks randomly appeared and came up to join us. And you know how fussy ducks are with their music so Robyn you must be good.


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This is going to be a bit of a personal soppy post…

Personally May is a bittersweet month for me as along with my own birthday, it’s also the month of both birthday’s of my late wonderful grandparents, Nana’s was the same date as mine, and it’s also the month of my Grandad’s passing last year.

I’ve been looking back  through some photos today that I took a couple of years ago and laughing at the memories they bring back.

I love this set so much because I can totally see them in these photos. I know, I know, obviously I can *see* them, they’re there, visually, but I mean it’s them right there, their personalities, their fun spirit. The silly humour my Grandad had (or Gangan as I’ve always called him), making a strange face behind Nana in the top right. Nana being ever the professional and smiling perfectly pretty much throughout despite usually protesting at first about me wanting to take her photo, she took a lovely one and was a beautiful lady. The top right and bottom right are my favourites and how I remember her, a completely natural smile with her dimples proudly showing. I can’t help but smile and laugh along with them when I look at these. It’s like they’re back again and I can remember it exactly like being there, a sunny afternoon back up in Liverpool and the sound of their laughter. It was only a little moment in the back yard where I wanted to get some nice portraits of them with a new lens, but decided Gangan was too tall so just said ‘Gangan you need to come down a bit’ but obviously he looked a bit ridiculous just randomly leering over Nana so they cracked up.

It may be tempting to just take that first one, the subjects naturally feeling the need to look into the camera and ‘smiling’ and then be done with it, if there was any silliness then maybe even waiting for people to compose themselves for fear of getting an unflattering image of someone properly laughing from their belly. But whyyy? Keep shooting! Capture those moments. The ones that follow after the first one, those natural ones with pure laughter, are so much lovelier to me.


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Last week I had a little break with around 30 other photographers who had previously attended Emma & Pete’s ‘Welcome Home’ workshop. I didn’t take my own digital camera, but did take my olympus film camera which I popped in for developing on Thursday so will get the prints back this week and will update this post as soon as I have them and scan them!

(UPDATE! Scans at the end of the post!)

But here are a few portraits I took of some lovely new friends, Lisa and Kelly, on their own cameras.


And film scans –






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